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Sweet indulgences vs. Slenderness

We’ve just finished a pretty healthy meal of baked chicken breasts with pesto and long grain brown rice, topped with a flourish of fresh basil leaves and a hint of fresh Parmesan. Quite tasty, actually.  Just before dinnertime we were having a discussion that we’ve had MANY times now, on how we’re having issues dropping actual pounds even though we don’t eat lots of naughty food, or large quantities of food throughout our days.  In fact, quite the opposite is true. We really are generally healthy eaters.  We ended up arriving at a particular decision, for at least the hundredth time: Starting tonight after this very dinner…NO NIGHT SNACKS.  No night snacking at all, from here on out.  Especially the nightly sweet treats we tend to enjoy with our cup of tea. How hard could this be???

We’d heard recently how some years back, Jimmy Carr, a famous comedian from the UK used to  be seriously large, and in a matter of months he dropped major pounds.  He’s now very trim at all times. Looking at him, you’d never guess he was previously overweight.  When asked how he’d lost it all, he said the only change he made to his diet was to cut ALL night snacking out.  He said everything else stayed the same for him, not even mentioning any exercise regimen.  No pills, no liquid dieting, no detox cleanses, nothing. Simply after dinner, there is not any food consumption until breakfast the following day. Again, I ask “How hard could this be?”  ;)

Now back to our little household.  As we were finishing up the lovely healthy meal, you might be able to predict the man snuck a glance over at me, a devious look playing in his eyes….”So, what we having?”  Translation: “So, what type of dessert do you want to go get at the store?” And/or: “What yummy treat do you want with tea tonight?”

With our weekly grocery list, I’ve been avoiding anything we can dig into at night with these cravings of ours.  Such as the “Double Stuff Oreo” habit we had going on for a while there. The double stuffs really are perfect with our strong English tea.  We finally broke the Oreo habit recently.  Removal of said Oreo’s etc. has helped our cause a little bit, because in order to have them or something like them, one (or both) of us needs to get up and out of the house, and to the store, possibly battling a rain storm,  if we want to have them. 

Right now, the man is lounging on the couch sulking, pouted lips and all, while watching a cooking show, which I’m thinking this might be just so he can torture himself.  At least it’s not “Man vs. Food” or he would die in his temptation.  Me?  I’m sitting here on my computer writing about all of this, and trying to fight the urges myself.  I was completely fine before he mentioned the idea of getting a sweet treat.  I’m now TOTALLY wishing he’ll crack first, opting to go get us a little something, somewhere.  I’m probably sulking a little bit too.  Ahhh, this battle of the sweets vs. being slender.  It’s really not fair. In my perfect world, all sweet little bits of heaven would be calorie and fat free, and in fact help you to lose any unwanted weight ;)

Following up on our battle of the nightly sweets, it’s now two days later…here is what happened: We made it through that night without any adventures to the store. It was in all honesty, a fair amount of torture not having something yummy at first, but by the end of the night we were cool.  Last night however, is a different story altogether.  We had another healthy meal of vegetarian burgers by Linda McCartney, on whole wheat wraps and stuffed with all sorts of veggies.  Seriously good, and seriously light on the calories. I’d walked almost 10 kilometers just hours before, so since I felt I earned it, after dinner when the devious look crossed the man’s eyes again, I was all for jumping in the car and heading to the “Co-op” for a little sweet indulgence.  I went for a MINI Ben n Jerry’s brownie ice cream, and he opted for a pack of Jelly Babies, a popular and deeLISH (and supposedly all natural flavored) gummy treat shaped like babies with giant heads, LOL. 

I guess to wrap this up, I’m going to continue trying to win this daily battle, and then most likely crack, then try to win the battle again, then crack yet again.  I’ll see if I can find some healthy alternatives for the nights I do crack, see if I can pull myself away from this sweet affair more and more often. I’ll keep getting my buns outside for a daily walk, hopefully. Perhaps try to continue doing some regular abs exercises and stretches to minimize the jolly belly. Practice portion control and what not.  And I’m NOT going to beat myself up when I just want to chill out with my man and enjoy some yummy sweetness while watching the tube.  End of Story.  Until further notice ;)

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