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P-Town Get Down: Beer

 It’s July in Oregon and time to celebrate Craft Beer Month! Beer is seriously flowing down the streets this month in Portland. There are a ton of events happening statewide and all local beer is a mega sale.

The biggest event by far is the Oregon Brewers Festival at the Waterfront Park in Portland. Yesterday was opening day and you better believe my husband and I were there. There were 85 hand-crafted beers! Talk about beer heaven!!! The most popular beer, judging by the line, was Dogfish Head. Although Dogfish is not an Oregon brewer, they are still a favorite amongst the craft brew community. The beers on the tasting menu today included, Caldera Hop HashDeschutes Armory XPAFirestone Woody JackHopworks Evelyn’s Imperial Sunshine,Lagunitas OBF FusionNinkasi Lady of Avalon, and Oregon Trail Brewery Lavender Ale. The root beer for minors and designated drivers was pretty awesome too!

In honor of Craft Beer Month, I thought it would be fun to review a few summer brews for the blog using this fancy evaluation sheet. Here is the good stuff - 

Lightly bitter, grainy or hay, good color and aroma, complex and interesting.

A good drinking beer - summer or not. Quite enjoyable.

Good aroma and taste. For a summer beer it has some robustness.

Sweat wheat fresh! Try it with New York style cheesecake - delicious!

Stong bitter flavor with floral and citrus notes. Clean crisp finish.

A light ale, slightly grainy, lively carbonation with a clean finish.

Smells sweet and citrusy, but tastes grainy.

Light flavor which doesn't quite live up to the aroma. Crisp finish.

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