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In my motherly attempt to rid the house of as many chemicals as possible, I turned to all natural household cleaners. You can find a handful of “green cleaning products” at any grocery store, but those brands and bottles left me uninterested in my quest to find greener cleaners. I searched online to see if there were other companies out there that would inspire me to jump into the eco-friendly cleaning world. That’s where I found the beautiful collection called Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox. This is a line of non-toxic household cleaning products that are created by the Chief Mixer and Crafter herself, Mrs. Jones. These lovely little cleaners have adorable names including: Soapy, Sparkle, Clean, and Shine. The products are packaged in the most attractive bottles with your choice of plastic or glass (so green-chic!). 

But, do they work? YES! Without a doubt, these Earth-loving cleaners are just as, if not more effective, than the big brand name cleaners. I say that with confidence because, with two toddlers and two dogs, I clean a lot (a LOT). What I like most is the variety of uses that each cleaner has, saving both space and money at home. Sparkle cleans windows, mirrors, granite, and stainless steel, while Clean conditions wood, dusts, removes sticky labels, and eliminates the squeak in cupboard doors - bye, bye, WD40! What’s even more fun is that Mrs. Jones had the genius idea of putting chalkboard labels on the back of the bottles to entertain her crafty customers, like myself.

Ok, maybe the chalkboard labels aren’t simply for accommodating those of us who have an obsession with chalk pens, but the labels are incredibly useful. On my bottles, I list the items around the house that each cleaner can be used for. It clears up the confusion that might take place just in case anybody feels compelled to help me clean. But, Mrs. Jones made this product comparison list and she suggests using the chalkboard labels to write which products her cleaners are replacing. For example, she recommends writing “409” and “Windex” on the back of Sparkle. Again, genius!

The cleaners are made with a variety of natural minerals, vegetable based soaps, and essential oils. These ingredients have my house smelling crisp and clean but NOT bleachy and chemically. In fact, the Soft Scrub smells like a sweet dessert. While everybody knows it is never a good idea to eat cleaning products, it does make scrubbing tubs and toilets feel more rewarding.

After completely switching over to Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox, I began to wonder why I had become so conditioned into thinking “Harsh cleaners clean better”. These products are so gentle that they don’t burn your skin or even dry out your hands. In fact, I’ve ditched my rubber gloves all together (which also saves time, love!).  And since cleaning is more of a hobby by necessity, not by choice, it’s sort of nice to know that I’m not inadvertently intoxicating my children with chemicals. I’m pretty sure that makes me an amazing mom.

What do you do when your bottle is empty? Don’t go buying a new one. That would be so un-green! Instead, Mrs. Jones has developed a very unique system for refilling your containers. She collects and sterilizes empty water bottles for this purpose:

That’s it! You buy your original plastic or glass set once, and you simply order the refills, as you need them. Most of her refills cost only $4.50. That is not shabby for non-toxic and eco friendly products. In fact, her company has been so successful, that it’s recently been seen on and Country Living Magazine.

 Do your house a favor and ditch the ugly and harsh cleaners. Try Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox if you are looking to reduce the amount of unnecessary chemicals you are currently using around your house and family. Your home will look, feel, and smell beautiful. Her 100% positive customer feedback is proof that you will be one happy maid – I mean mom!


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