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Adventures In Maui: Part One

Before we left for Maui, I told myself that I would blog every evening and give a short summary about each day. But not having WiFi forced me to throw out that idea and spend a few days on a digital vacation. I am happier for it...It’s good to walk away from everything and take a TRUE vacation.

The hardest thing I have had to deal with all week was getting on this Island. There were a few tears in the first 10 minutes of flight but after that I was totally fine. A big thank you to Bud, Les, and Will for letting me sit by the window, but a big F-U to Delta for switching all of our seats around and then making us pay an additional $80 per person just to be able to sit next to one another again. From here on out I am choosing to fly a different airline.

Upon arrival at the hotel I let out a very deep and long-awaited *sigh*. Vacation. The air was warm and sweet. Plumeria, Coconut Oil, Pineapple, Ocean Salt...Each inhaled breath made my body relax deeper. I think it took less than 10 minutes before we were cheersing each other with Mai Tai’s and then sprawled out on the soft sand.

We are here in Maui for a wedding, (Congrats Karri + Jeff!) so there are friends scattered throughout close by hotels. Will and I were lucky to have Bud + Les as our traveling and lodging companions. They like to go on adventures just as much as we do. A rental car is worthless if it sits in the parking garage all day! So we put ours to use and have managed to check out a different part of the island every day. Some highlights:

The Blowhole at Nakalele Point

With every turbulent wave that crashes into the rocky cliffs at Nakalele Point, an even more spectacular display of power erupts from the geyser like Blowhole. Frigid seawater discharges from the Blowhole spraying hundreds of feet into the air and surrounding rocks formations.

Vickie’s Coconut Shack

On the road leading to Olivine Pools Leslie caught a glimps of a sign reading fresh coconuts and yelled out "Oh crap, fresh coconuts, coconut water, TURN!!!" So we slammed on the brakes and turned into a local residents fruit stand. The fruit was fresh from the farm and as sweet as can be. Vicky (the owner) was so nice and helpful. She even has a sign up inside the shack showcasing her Hawaiian Word Of The Day. The word that day was “Lo Lo” which means “Not Too Smart.” Vickie can also whip up a coconut water like nobody’s business.

Olivine Pools, Mile Marker 16

At some parts of the island roads are forbidden to rental cars. If we had not already crossed the line of Alamo's legal clauses, we were damn near close. This was our favorite stop so far. Will thought they were magical and other-worldly and he was right. It's hard to describe how amazing it was to sit in one of these pools and feel total calm while the ocean rages 20 feet away.

Shopping in Lahaina

Will was on the hunt for a Ukelele. I wouldn't recommend buying one in town - they were outrageously over priced. But, if you take a drive to Kahului and go to this shop you can find a better selection and better prices. 

Beaching in Kapalua and Makena

Maybe it's just our luck, but the two days we have searched for beaches away from all the resort commotion we have found paradise. Beaches completely to ourselves. Well...maybe not completely to ourselves. I had a visitor yesterday by my towel. I shared my sandwich with him. I say Him because he had the appetite of a man. I named him Stewart.


Tomorrow we set off on a 2-day adventure towards the east side of the island. We are going to pack a couple of ice chests, a couple blankets and pillows, and leave the next 48 hours totally up in the air. Will and Bud want to mountain bike down the Skyline Trail on Haleakala Volcano, I want to stick my toes in the black sand at Waianapanapa and Lester wants to swim next to a waterfall. We're going to try to do it all. Until next time, Aloha!

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