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The Stick

We live near this house that sits overlooking this gorgeous little loch. Every time we go to the neighboring town of Milngavie (pronounced Mull-geye - like your eye – would the spelling lead you to believe that's how it's pronounced by the way? I think NOT) (that's how MANY words are here in Scotland...not sounding in any way shape or form how they are spelled, especially names of little country villages and towns) we drive by this house because it’s the same route that takes us by the miniature horse stable. If you've read my bio, you are aware of how I feel about the mini horses. So that's the way we go when I'm in the car :)

So this house has its own private little loch. It is so lovely to look at BUT...yes there is an issue with said loch. I finally took a picture of the issue, as I have been driving by it every couple of days for about a year now.  The issue is actually so annoying to me that I avoid looking at the loch altogether when we cruise by.  I already know they haven’t fixed the situation. Why would they? It’s been a year, and they’ve never felt the need to fix the situation.

I captured a picture yesterday...I am taking the time to enlarge it so you can get the full effect. Here it is, in all its glory, or annoying-ness.  THE ANNOYING AND INFAMOUS STICK! 

I have considered sneaking onto their property, swimming out to the stick, and attempting with all my might to remove it. I have also considered writing to the owners of the house to let them know just how the stick makes my eyes burn in when I see it. How I abhor its very presence. If it ever disappears I will write to the owners of the house to give them my gratitude. 

Truth though? I guess in actuality it really does give our little family a good healthy laugh with its abilities to pester my very soul to the core! 


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